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The IKIGAI Assessment Tool

The IKIGAI Assessment Tool evaluates how close leaders are to their personal IKIGAI and how close companies are to reaching a collective state of IKIGAI in their organisation. This is determined by the values in the four corporate IKIGAI dimensions of

  • What we are good at

  • What we love to do

  • What the world needs, and

  • What we need for the market.

The results  in these dimensions will provide you with information on what type of IKIGAI Leader you (or your clients) are and what IKIGAI Business Type is prevailing in the organisation. Together with the relative distance from an individual and collective IKIGAI state, this data will show clearly point out in which dimensions further improvement is needed.


The tool is exclusively available for members of the IKIGAI Consulting Alliance (join here). This is how it works:

  1. The IKIGAI Consultant's Alliance (ICA) member books in a certain number of participants for assessment for a certain date.

  2. The ICA member pays the assessment fees - see below

  3. We provide you with an online access link to the tool and a group code for the participants.

  4. The participants fill in the assessment.

  5. We provide you with the results on individual and collective level in form of dimension values, graphic designs and descriptions of the leadership type and the business type, additionally we provide aggregated average results for the team and the organisation as well as the delta between the individual and collective results per participant.

  6. The time for analysis - the time between the receipt of the last assessment input and the delivery of the results - is currently 24 hours. 

  7. The participants experience an intervention based on their results:-)

Fee structure:

Group Size          Price per Person in EUR

Single                                      50

Persons 1 - 5                          25

Persons 6 - 10                        20

Persons 11 - 15                      15

Any further person               12

Example: The assessment fee for a workshop of 8 people would be EUR 185 (5x25 + 3x20).

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