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How To Become a H.O. Champion?

Find out about your personal Home Office Type and see the expression on the four different Home Office Dimensions. 

(++ and + indicate high and good levels; - and - - low and very low levels)

How To Improve Towards Your H.O. IKIGAI?


  • Try to set up strict HO routine

    • Get up earlier​ and follow your "office day routine"

    • Make sure you dress in a casual office attire

  • Start the working day by setting the targets for the day

  • Prioritise your goals for the day

  • Make sure you plan enough breaks


  • Most importantly find a good spot in your home that you link with "work" only and no other "off work" activity.

  • Make time arrangements with the people you live with (most importantly children) on when you can and can't be disturbed.

  • If you don't have ergonomic office furniture at home, make sure that you make sufficient break and loosen your back

  • Make sure to keep areas in your home strictly "work free"


  • Unless you have lots of online meetings: plan for virtual chats with friends and family to cope with feeling lonely

  • Counteract stress by meditation, sports, or whatever helps you to cope with stress

  • Embrace the new situation by writing down the PROs of working from home

  • Don't overwork! Be strict to yourself and stop at a set time


  • If the tasks you are assigned with can't be performed, contact your employer and try to rearrange your responsibilities.

  • If you are heavily depending on the close cooperation with team mates, set up fixed times for virtual meetings to keep the interactions you need going.

  • If you are depended on non-digital resources, try to arrange scans of such material

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