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IKIGAI Consultant's Alliance

The IKIGAI Consultant‘s Alliance (ICA) invites business, management or executive consultants and coaches to become partners of the IKIGAI Corporation. The membership in the ICA will provide various benefits to the partners. ICA members are entitled to…


  • Make use of the IKGAI Assessment Tool which is exclusively available for members (we will provide online data input access and the analysis)

  • Be provided with introductory material for the application of the Assessment Tool

  • Receive assessment results in the form of figures, graphs and reports

  • Exchange experiences with other partners in the Partner’s Forum

  • Receive constant updates on the IKIGAI model

  • Call themselves IKIGAI Corporation Partners

  • Use the IKIGAI Corporation Partner’s logo on their website



How To Become An ICA Member?


The easy process to become a member consists of the following two simple steps:

  1. Fill in subscription form below and confirm that you are a consultant, coach, trainer or educator.    

  2. Pay the yearly membership fee of EUR 150 for individual consultants as well as academic institutions, EUR 290 for agencies with more than 10 consultants.

See more details on the IKIGAI Assessment tool here.


For any questions, please contact us.

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